Our agency provides services of accounting support and maintenance Nizhny Novgorod companies of any spheres and activities. No matter who you are: an individual entrepreneur, a small business, a large enterprise or holding. Just concentrate on your own business, and we will take care of your accounting!

Three reasons to be acquainted
Assess the real state of affairs in the accounting of your company
Conduct rapid testing work of the previous accounts, we point out the current problems, as well as financial and tax risks.
We examine all the details of your business
and give answers to the questions on bookkeeping and taxation of your company.
We will advise you how to reduce the tax risks
and tell you about the best way to optimize taxes, on the one hand, you do not pay more than you should pay, and on the other hand, does not involve sneaks.

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Our solutions

Young and start-up companies

Before to the organization of a legal entity, it is desirable to choose the correct taxation system, to continue to avoid paying unnecessary taxes and easy to do business. It's easy - just one or two consultations, and you have the clarity of "what is for what and why."

Determine who leads the operational work (accounts, payment orders, etc.) and go! It is imperative to develop a habit - to register and store documents in time, as the accounting reflects the results that have already occurred economic operations, and confirming the fact that the documents are correct.

Small businesses

If you do not need in the primary account at the enterprise, your managers make the shipment and bills, these data are unloaded from 1C "Trade and warehouse" into the accounting program 1C "Accounting" in your company and processed by us. If you do not want to buy 1C "Accounting", you can use our - unloading is carried out via the Internet and we will form taxes and reporting.

Alternatively, when an accountant is still necessary, but "not to the total volume of downloads," our experts will come to your enterprise once or twice a week.

The group of companies and holdings

For a group of companies with staff more than 50 people, are usually required an accountant on the spot, and usually more than one. What in this situation are possible variants of cooperation?

Audited available financial service to the appropriate qualifications and workload. According to the results determined the necessary staff of the accounting and regulations of interaction with other parts of the holding in which prescribes liability for each site and dates. There are two variants of cooperation after the establishment of the accounting department:

1. Employees work at holding enterprises, and our agency takes the function of the chief accountant and deputy chief accountant.

2. Another scenario - all accounting service working as Lizberg employees.

In the final result does not affect the choice of options, because rationally organized and functional long-term experience of building such relationships within the enterprise, significantly reduces the likelihood of errors. The choice of leadership!!!! most importantly, the professional level of employees, and as a result - a reduction of tax risks!

Cost of service
Zero reporting

Just zero reports

3 000/ Quarter
Individuals (PIT)

Formation of the personal income tax declaration

from 300/ Month
Personnel accounting

Payroll preparation

from 300/ Month
Simplified tax system
  • Processing and commissioning of primary documentation
  • Formation of book purchases and sales
  • Formation of the book of income and expenses
  • Calculation of tax on the basis of primary documents
  • Preparation and submission of financial, tax and statistical reporting
from 2 000/ Month
The usual tax system (VAT)
  • Processing and commissioning of primary documentation
  • Formation of book purchases and sales
  • Formation of the book of income and expenses
  • Calculation of tax on the basis of primary documents
  • Preparation and submission of financial, tax and statistical reporting
from 6 000/ Month
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Our advantages


We have vast experience in the field of finance, and share them on the training seminars for managers and chief accountants, giving the necessary tax knowledge for business

Saving of time

Mind your own business and earn money, without being distracted by issues with the tax inspection. In addition, you have no need to spend time searching for advice of competent accountants.

Confidence and tranquility

Highly qualified specialists work in our company, who prepared many of the chief accountant, who decided a lot of dispute with the fiscal authorities and have vast experience in finance various businesses.


Be sure that all information or instruction from you go on processing in the optimal timing for your business. If for some reason you thought that it is not - just call the chief.

Saving money

You do not need to pay for sick leave, holiday pay and buy expensive equipment with software. You save on the payment of insurance premiums and win on minimizing tax payments.


You are not satisfied with your bookkeeping and you do not know what to do with it? Thanks to the confidence of large enterprises, our agency has developed a replacement technology in the entire accounting department.

Work with us - it's not just the provision of accounting services.
We take responsibility for the risks and troubles related to our profession.


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specialists in the state


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satisfied customers

Satisfied Customers
Директор компании Лизберг

Evgeniya Odincova
— Chief of Lizberg.

Our purpose is to find the solution of complex financial issues. The accumulated experience we have to replace the whole of the accounting service of the enterprise, including employees at the operational account will allow you to focus only on the business.

Accounting support of "Lizberg" - is, above all, honest relations with customers and knowledge of the tax code with the ability to apply it for the benefit of your business and development!

Thank you for your trust!